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CHURCH ENGINES is a complete learning program from Dr. Hal Seed that helps you lead your church to grow one step at a time.

ChurchEngines Mentoring Program

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You can lead your church to be better after the pandemic than it was before.

Emerge from the pandemic with improved systems, a renewed focus on the fundamentals, and new vision to meet the needs of your congregation and community.

Your better church is waiting.

  • Includes the big picture and practical steps so you know how to make your church better.
  • Includes teaching on 15 major systems in your church so you can tackle the area that needs the most help.
  • Includes proven processes from a church-planting Lead Pastor so you know the ideas work.
  • Includes 91 lists, samples, worksheets, and resources so it's easy for you to implement.
  • Includes an emphasis on prayer because we know it's God who brings church growth.

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ChurchEngines Mentoring Program

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"Hal Seed's practical, godly coaching has helped me break multiple numerical and spiritual growth barriers in my ministry."

- Pastor Shawn Beatty, Clovis Hills Community Church -

Dr. Hal Seed

Hi, I'm Hal.


I'm the founder and lead pastor of New Song Church in Oceanside, California. I've been through all the ups and downs of growing a church, and I know that all the church growth barriers are very real.

Lately, I've felt like a church planter again, as we figure out how to have a growing, healthy church in a worldwide pandemic.

We're figuring out how to do outdoor services, how to make our online services more engaging, how to connect with church members who are staying home, and how to reach our divided community.

Ministry is challenging these days, but the fundamentals remain the same. We're focusing on inviting, connecting, equipping, praying, and serving.

I know you can work out the fundamentals and see your church reach your community, too.

"Any pastor who follows through and does what they learn, will have success. All I did was implement everything I could and the things I couldn’t I put them on a list.  Throughout the year I would look for people who I felt could implement those things and I’d meet with them and share the vision and I’d ask them if this would be something they’d enjoy doing.  Obviously, they had to have time to do it and they had many questions. But, those who said yes, have done a great job."

- Pastor Jimmy Chaney, Church of the Beach Cities -

ChurchEngines Mentoring Program

The learning program to re-start your church growth.


  • Navigate the coronavirus, and the political climate, and lead with wisdom and acumen.
  • See new faces in weekend services, and new believers integrated into your congregation.
  • Raise up new volunteers and new leaders take initiative to care for people and reach your community.
  • Empower more men in your church to step up and take responsibility.
  • Emerge into 2021 with vision, hope, and a plan to experience life transformation in your church.
I want ChurchEngines Mentoring Program for 12 payments of $27

"This journey with pastor-mentor and Hal Seed has been the best investment I have ever made toward being a better leader in the local church."

- Pastor Larry Barker, Church Planting Director at BMAA Missions -

ChurchEngines Coaching Framework

Video lessons. Proven examples. Weekly Encouragement.


Filmed live as Hal taught these lessons to pastors in Southern California, now available for your team to listen and download.



Get full access to the complete ChurchEngines immediately. These lessons will always be here to help you out when you need a new idea, a good solution, or an experienced voice.


You will get lesson notes, checklists, samples, worksheets, templates, and cheat sheets all carefully designed to help you learn and implement the video lessons.


Hal emails you every Sunday afternoon about your learning for the coming week. Email him back if you have a question.

See your church grow and thrive in 2022. 

Everything you Need
to grow a better church in 2022.

10 Modules

You can do one module each month in order, or go straight to your biggest issue.

62 Video Lessons

Each module has 4 to 7 video lessons: one major system, plus several shorter lessons. The last video in each module is the Q&A from one of the live sessions.


Get fill-in-the-blank lesson notes for each video and all the samples, checklists, and cheatsheets you need to apply each lesson.

15 Essential Systems for your Church

Evaluation. Assimilation. Financial. Outreach. Small Groups. Pastoral Care. Spiritual Growth. Ministry Placement. Leadership Development. Big Events. Prayer. Children's Ministry. Worship Planning. Preaching.

3 Important Themes

Personal leadership development. Church culture and politics. Prayer.

52 Weekly Email Check-Ins

Keep on track with your church growth learning for a whole year.

I'm Ready to Get it All for one payment of $297!

"I’m so glad that I signed up and am looking forward to combing through the teaching again to deepen my learning and strengthen our application.  I highly recommend the investment for other pastors that are seeking to go and grow to the next level!”

- Pastor Dan Harman, City Life Church Portsmouth, England -


We've got A's for your Q's

What if I don't have $997 to spend on a mentor?

That's why we have dropped the price for this limited time offer. If one person joins your church in the next year and starts to give, they will easily cover the cost. The real question is: can you afford for things to stay the way they are?

What if I don't have time to work on it?

We get that. It's always difficult to find time to work on the organization, not just in it. As your church gets better at some things, you will find more time for new things. Plus you can always login on your phone and listen while you're driving. Just imagine the discussions

Can my staff watch too?

Absolutely! We recommend you use ChurchEngines for Staff Training. We've found the conversations that come out of this are really helpful for moving the staff forward and empowering them to take ownership of ministry development.

Will it work for my church?

This is the only mentoring experience for pastors, taught by a church planting, multi-site lead pastor with a doctorate in ministry, from a church with a huge heart for evangelism; that includes video teaching, a complete network of downloads, and a weekly email check-in. You will learn what you need to see your church grow.

Who is ChurchEngines for?

It is for pastors and their teams who want to see people come to Christ and to see their churches grow. It's for churches that are open to newcomers and to new believers. ChurchEngines is for congregations that want to grow.  

What if I'm not sure we can do the work, make the improvements, and see a difference?

We are confident that you can. You will build on what you already have in your church, taking the next steps, and seeing growth and improvements build layer upon layer. Dozens of pastors have been mentored by Hal, and we hear story after story from people who are encouraged by new life and growth in their churches.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! There is a 30-day unconditional guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase within the first thirty days, email us, and we will cheerfully refund your money to your credit card.

Money Back Guarantee

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